Yoga Studio is open for business

Yoga Studio is open for business

We have finished up our challenging renovation of a 19th century timberframe.

This structure had been moved to its present location about 40 years ago, and had served as a residence for many years.The present owners recognized its gorgeous location and rustic charm, and wanted to preserve its unique features. Toward this goal, we installed an efficient state of the art combination wood-oil boiler to supplement the wood burning stoves, and added new insulation and windows from the exterior, which greatly improved everyones comfort. The new local white cedar siding spruced up the previously well worn exterior. Once the wide maple plank floors were installed,  the owners were ready for business.

The beautiful location and the knowledge that we were helping the owners reach their goal of having their own business made this a rewarding project. Their Yoga Retreat is open for business.

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