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Challenging camp renovation

We are very pleased to have finished up a very challenging renovation of an early 20th century camp.

Part of the challenge was the existence of mature gardens and landscaping that the owners had lovingly installed over the last 25 years.Unfortunately, dry rot and carpenter ants had undermined the structure, so before we could proceed with the dormer and upgraded mechanical systems, we had to spend weeks in a dirt crawlspace replacing footings, posts, and beams. We also jacked the sagging rafters and straightened walls and floors so that the new finishes would work smoothly.

The finishes were the fun part.

We used antique pocket doors, old furniture as vanities, red birch flooring applied in a herringbone pattern over radiant floors, reclaimed hemlock timbers as ridges, valleys, and hips,arched doorways, and there were many other details meticulously choreographed by the owners.

After 9 months the owners have happily reclaimed their home, and although we are still fine tuning some   details, it is on to another yoga studio, this one in Charlotte.