Champlain Islands

Champlain Islands

IMG_1427To whom it may concern,

As a retired builder, I thought long and hard about the contractor I wanted to undertake the renovation of our dream house in south hero. For me, it was not about getting bids, but funny people that I liked and trusted in could communicate with over the 6–12 months with this complicated project would take. I have found that, as a builder and consumer, you get what you pay for with the low bidder. Well that may work for the government or strip-mall builders, I wanted our hard earned dollars to find more sensitive hands.

Over the preceding year my wife, Laura, And I spent a lot of time looking at houses and found that most of our favorites had been built by 3 Seasons Builders – now Clearwater Builders.  Through our architect, I was able to get a meeting with 3 Seasons and it became immediately clear that these were the guys we wanted to build our house. Over the next year our decision was to pay off in ways I hadn’t imagined. We got more than we had dreamed in the process was as painless as a major disruption to our lives could possibly be. We became lasting friends with the builders and I know that they are always there for any unseen problems or new work that may come up. An indication of the great relationships they have with their past clients was the number old clients that showed up at our job-site to see what ‘the boys” were working on. I’ve become one of those groupies and have visited a number of their jobs since our job was completed.


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