Mallett’s Bay

Mallett’s Bay

Screenshot 2015-07-15 11.08.53To whom it may concern:

We are writing to recommend Dave Robison and the Clearwater builders crew.

In 2005 we purchased a house designed by Roland Batten and built by Mike Crane’s Four Seasons Construction in about 1994.  We wanted to make some changes and approached Mike to do the work. Using the process of leaving the Burlington area and recommended Robee, who was part of the Four Seasons crew who originally built the house.  We are very glad we made the choice to work with Robee.

We have the experience of working with an established high-end builder and his crew constructing a house in Cincinnati. We found working with Clearwater builders to be in entirely different and better experience.  Clearwater’s goal clearly was to get things done the way we wanted them and they worked with us to ensure that that goal was met.  Working with the contractor in Cincinnati was often stressful and sometimes had add the serial overtones, but Robee and his crew worked with us as a team.

We were so satisfied with the renovations done 2005 that when we decided to remodel our kitchen, we call on Robee again.  Remodeling while you were living in the house is always disruptive and stressful, but Robee and his crew made this job almost painless. We had so much confidence in them that we gave them the key in the run of the side of the house where the kitchen is, and we kept out of that part of the house except when there was a question or we couldn’t contain our curiosity and excitement about progress.  We didn’t feel the need to check up on the work because we knew that they would come to us with any decisions that needed to be made, rather than simply proceeding, perhaps not in the manner we would’ve wished. One thing that stuck us as we got to know the various members of the team was the respect and friendship among be team members.  I don’t believe in all the time they work in our house that we ever heard a cross word among them. All of the crew members were courteous and pleasant to work with, and went out of their way to respect our home and comfort, and to avoid allowing construction dust to affect the rest of the house.




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