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Charlotte, Vermont

We are overjoyed with the finished product.

Their attention to detail and craftsmanship far surpassed any of our expectations entering into the project.  Their individual skill sets, along with the exceptionally professional crew they employ, brought a level of artistry and quality to our house we will enjoy for years to come.  We now have a home we plan on living in for the rest of our lives.

Scott and Robee worked carefully to maintain their operations within the budget we agreed upon at the outset.  At no time did we feel overcharged, taken advantage of or misled.  And while there were days we wished things could have moved a little more quickly, we knew beyond a fraction of a doubt that in the end, we would be happy they took the time to get things ‘just right’.

Champlain Islands

IMG_1427To whom it may concern,

As a retired builder, I thought long and hard about the contractor I wanted to undertake the renovation of our dream house in south hero. For me, it was not about getting bids, but funny people that I liked and trusted in could communicate with over the 6–12 months with this complicated project would take. I have found that, as a builder and consumer, you get what you pay for with the low bidder. Well that may work for the government or strip-mall builders, I wanted our hard earned dollars to find more sensitive hands.

Over the preceding year my wife, Laura, And I spent a lot of time looking at houses and found that most of our favorites had been built by 3 Seasons Builders – now Clearwater Builders.  Through our architect, I was able to get a meeting with 3 Seasons and it became immediately clear that these were the guys we wanted to build our house. Over the next year our decision was to pay off in ways I hadn’t imagined. We got more than we had dreamed in the process was as painless as a major disruption to our lives could possibly be. We became lasting friends with the builders and I know that they are always there for any unseen problems or new work that may come up. An indication of the great relationships they have with their past clients was the number old clients that showed up at our job-site to see what ‘the boys” were working on. I’ve become one of those groupies and have visited a number of their jobs since our job was completed.


Mallett’s Bay

Screenshot 2015-07-15 11.08.53To whom it may concern:

We are writing to recommend Dave Robison and the Clearwater builders crew.

In 2005 we purchased a house designed by Roland Batten and built by Mike Crane’s Four Seasons Construction in about 1994.  We wanted to make some changes and approached Mike to do the work. Using the process of leaving the Burlington area and recommended Robee, who was part of the Four Seasons crew who originally built the house.  We are very glad we made the choice to work with Robee.

We have the experience of working with an established high-end builder and his crew constructing a house in Cincinnati. We found working with Clearwater builders to be in entirely different and better experience.  Clearwater’s goal clearly was to get things done the way we wanted them and they worked with us to ensure that that goal was met.  Working with the contractor in Cincinnati was often stressful and sometimes had add the serial overtones, but Robee and his crew worked with us as a team.

We were so satisfied with the renovations done 2005 that when we decided to remodel our kitchen, we call on Robee again.  Remodeling while you were living in the house is always disruptive and stressful, but Robee and his crew made this job almost painless. We had so much confidence in them that we gave them the key in the run of the side of the house where the kitchen is, and we kept out of that part of the house except when there was a question or we couldn’t contain our curiosity and excitement about progress.  We didn’t feel the need to check up on the work because we knew that they would come to us with any decisions that needed to be made, rather than simply proceeding, perhaps not in the manner we would’ve wished. One thing that stuck us as we got to know the various members of the team was the respect and friendship among be team members.  I don’t believe in all the time they work in our house that we ever heard a cross word among them. All of the crew members were courteous and pleasant to work with, and went out of their way to respect our home and comfort, and to avoid allowing construction dust to affect the rest of the house.




Colchester, Vermont

My home in Vermont was constructed by three seasons builders during the period of 1998 through 2000.

The house is a contemporary design using steel, wood, stone, and glass and a clean gets sophisticated manner. The house and its architects, Truex Cullins and Partners were selected by AIA Vermont for its excellence award in the category of private residences in 2000.

Subsequent to the retirement of the owner of three seasons builders, some of the principles of this firm, form the nucleus of a new company under the name of Clear Water builders, to carryout to carry on the tradition of superb quality in-home construction coupled with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Clear Water builders continues to carry on with a practice of excepting no less than the best from themselves is well as their exceptional team of subcontractors.  They persistent demanding that their customers are more than satisfied with the end product and ultimately get the home of their dreams.


Screenshot 2015-07-15 10.57.12


SIMG_1734imply put,  these are the finest builders I have worked with in the 42 years I have been involved in construction; I consider the projects we have done together to be the best of my career. The success of these projects is the result of a number of well-developed skills: a very high level of construction knowledge and craftsmanship; the ability to it here to demanding schedules and budgets; a broad knowledge of local suppliers and tradesmen, accurate coordination and management of multiple trades; and good will and the real concern for job harmony. Despite the pressures and emotions inherent in building houses, ease of been happy jobs with happy outcomes. I would jump at the chance to work with them again.

Stuart Hamilton
Senior Designer
TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design


Land and a Spec House

Clearwater Builders is pleased to be a partner in the purchase of a beautiful piece of land with lake and mountain views in Shelburne, Vermont.  There are 3 building lots and we are committed to building top-quality, moderately-sized, Energy Star rated homes of custom designs.

The lots are about 2.5 acres and border on conserved land to the west, thus protecting the beautiful views.  There is excellent southern exposure for passive solar gain or solar panels.  We began construction of the first house in December, and are making excellent progress thanks to temperate weather and an energized crew.  The finished house will be 3,000 s.f /- with the capability of adding additional living space over the garage or in the walk-out basement.  We are sourcing local wood and our craftsmen will custom build window seats, bookshelves, cabinetry, coffered ceilings, and other thoughtful details.

Click here to view updated photos.

Challenging camp renovation

We are very pleased to have finished up a very challenging renovation of an early 20th century camp.

Part of the challenge was the existence of mature gardens and landscaping that the owners had lovingly installed over the last 25 years.Unfortunately, dry rot and carpenter ants had undermined the structure, so before we could proceed with the dormer and upgraded mechanical systems, we had to spend weeks in a dirt crawlspace replacing footings, posts, and beams. We also jacked the sagging rafters and straightened walls and floors so that the new finishes would work smoothly.

The finishes were the fun part.

We used antique pocket doors, old furniture as vanities, red birch flooring applied in a herringbone pattern over radiant floors, reclaimed hemlock timbers as ridges, valleys, and hips,arched doorways, and there were many other details meticulously choreographed by the owners.

After 9 months the owners have happily reclaimed their home, and although we are still fine tuning some   details, it is on to another yoga studio, this one in Charlotte.

5 Star Energy Efficiency in Ferrisburg

The garage-apartment is complete and the owners have moved in.

This project was a step in a new direction, in that the design and execution were focused on efficiency. Energy-wise, we employed blown in cellulose insulation with an interior skin of rigid foam board, designed to reduce any heat loss through framing members or electrical and plumbing perforations. We also worked with the owners to use only the highest rated appliances and fixtures, which resulted in short term [tax credits],as well as long term savings.The end result is an official 5 star energy rated home.

The small size also required careful planning in order to incoorporate the amenities of modern living into the interior spaces. Again there were daily decisions made with the owners to create the space they could comfortably live in while they fine tune the design of the permanent residence they plan to build.

Yoga Studio is open for business

We have finished up our challenging renovation of a 19th century timberframe.

This structure had been moved to its present location about 40 years ago, and had served as a residence for many years.The present owners recognized its gorgeous location and rustic charm, and wanted to preserve its unique features. Toward this goal, we installed an efficient state of the art combination wood-oil boiler to supplement the wood burning stoves, and added new insulation and windows from the exterior, which greatly improved everyones comfort. The new local white cedar siding spruced up the previously well worn exterior. Once the wide maple plank floors were installed,  the owners were ready for business.

The beautiful location and the knowledge that we were helping the owners reach their goal of having their own business made this a rewarding project. Their Yoga Retreat is open for business.

Progress on Mountain Timber Frame Renovation

Our renovation of an old post and beam residence in Underhill is nearing completion.

We are installing the 4-9 inch wide brown maple flooring in the yoga studio. It is blending in handsomely with the 120 year old timbers.

The owner is looking forward to opening her yoga retreat in 2009.