Ownership – Clearwater Builders is co-owned. We focus on one project at a time and at least one of us will be on site at all times.

Experience – We have built more than two dozen beautiful custom homes over the last twenty years. More than a dozen of them are lake front projects on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Employees – Clearwater employes a core group of eight carpenters, who have worked together from 5 to 20 years. We also draw from an additional pool of talented, independent craftsmen who specialize in custom projects when the situation warrants.

Subcontractors – We utilize some of Vermont’s most skilled contractors who understand the extremely high standards we must meet to satisfy the expectations of our clients.

Accounting – Our billing system is as straight forward as possible. There are no hidden charges or markups.

Environmental & Efficiency – We use as many locally produced materials and local suppliers as warranted. We have been working with radiant heat for over 15 years, foam insulation for 8 years, and a focus of our projects is towards heating and cooling efficiency. We are experienced with solar installations and routinely work with the most experienced geothermal mechanical contractor in the area. We have been recycling packaging and material scrap since well before it became protocol.

Continuity – Our carpenters will be on the job from start to finish. We understand that care taken in the beginning, leads to fewer corrections midstream, and finally to a higher level of finish that can stand the test of time.

Communication – To create the vision of the client and the architect requires open and honest communication throughout the project. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed throughout the years

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